Regions Covered and Call Out Fees

Chapel Fell Veterinary Services provides mobile veterinary care to the North Pennines and surrounding areas by referral only. Our typical service area is outlined in the map below but we are able to travel further afield by prior arrangement. 

service area for Chapel Fell Vets

For veterinary consultations you will be charged for services received (i.e consultation, any diagnostics performed and medications) much like a visit to your bricks and mortar vets. The difference is you will also be charged a call out fee if you are greater than 10 miles from the practice base in St John's Chapel (similar to how it works in equine and farm animal veterinary healthcare). 

Our pricing structure is calculated by distance from the village of St John's Chapel in Weardale, Co Durham. Distance is calculated from satellite navigation, not as the crow flies. The following pricing structure is used for call outs.

  • 0-10miles: No call out 
  • >10miles: £2 per mile over 10 miles (So for example if you were 14 miles from SJC your call our would be £8) 

Our in-home gentle euthanasia prices include up to a journey of 10 miles from SJC. After that there will be a charge of £2 per mile over 10 miles.