At Chapel Fell Vets we aim to be completely transparent about how we price our services. We understand that times are tight and we aim to provide a competitive service for our clients, going the extra mile to bring our service to your home.  

In Home Hospice Care

Hospice care is not right for every pet, nor every pet parent. The cost of care will be variable depending on your pets unique needs but we can help lay out and assist in a treatment plan to support your caring for your pet at home. This service needs to be undertaken by working with your own veterinary care provider to ensure the optimum outcome for your pet.  If you have not been referred to our practice by your vet we will need to request their consent for sharing the care of your pet. Depending on your pets history this may not always be possible. In the event it is agreed by all veterinary care providers that at home hospice care can be considered we recommend starting with an In Home QoL Assessment (see below) which will include a review of your pets medical history and medications as well as a comprehensive veterinary assessment. If following this assessment or at any point during treatment we feel your pets health needs are too complex to managed safely at home we will refer you back to your bricks and mortar practice unless you elect for gentle in home euthanasia. 

In Home Quality of Life Assessment

Sometimes it can be hard to know if the time is right to say goodbye or if there is more you can do for your pet in home to provide them with the best possible care in their final chapter. If you would like to have a dedicated home-environment and quality of life assessment for your pet, including a realistic discussion of in home hospice care where relevant, please reach out. Starting from £175 + call out fee if over 10 miles travelled. 


All of the prices include our Gentle Euthanasia technique which includes sedation prior to euthanasia meaning that your pet will genuinely fall asleep in your arms. Your pet then sleeps, unaware, when the final injection is administered. Pricing also includes a telephone consultation prior to the appointment to fully understand your needs in terms of aftercare and whether your pet has any special considerations such as fear aggression tendencies. Consultations are scheduled between the hours of 9.30am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Same Day, Weekend or Evening Consultations can be arranged but are subject to availability and additional charges.  All pricing is inclusive of VAT. 


Cats: £240

Dogs (<10kg): £260

Dogs (10-25kg): £280

Dogs (25-40kg): £310

Dogs (40-70kg):£330

Dogs (>70kg): £400


For other animal species not listed please get in touch.  

Many pet owners choose to have their pet cremated after they have passed. This can be organised directly with the crematorium of your choosing. We can discuss your aftercare wishes in your initial consultation as well as help you find a pet crematorium local to your home. We can also assist in organising the crematorium's services on your behalf if you are unable.  

The pricing for euthanasia includes visit fee if you are within 10miles of St John's Chapel, Co. Durham. Call out fee is then calculated at £2 per mile after this. 
A full, comprehensive quote will be provided prior to your pets euthanasia appointment. We respectfully ask for payment for this service in full, in advance. This is to allow you and your family the space to grieve your fur-baby without interruption after the appointment. 




Should you wish for your pet to be cremated we are able to assist in these arrangements. Otherwise there are a number of fantastic pet crematoriums serving the Co Durham area. Information on these businesses can be found here:

Forget Me Not: Woodham Road, Aycliffe Businesss Park, Newton Aycliffe, DL56HT. 01325307158

Resting Paws Wheelbirks Estate, Northumberland. 07547113963 

The Pet Crematorium: Langley Park Industrial Estate North, DH76TX. 01913735551

Seaham Pet CrematoriumHall Dene Way, Seaham Grange Industrial Estate, Unit9, Byron House, Seaham SR7 0PY  07496 804241