What we are

Chapel Fell Veterinary Services is a mobile, independently owned practice. The practice is based in the heart of Weardale, in the village of St John's Chapel but with the vision of veterinary care provided to your door.

Services offered include integrative chronic pain management including veterinary acupuncture and dedicated in home-end of life care, born out of the wish for every pet to pass peacefully and for every pet owner to choose to say goodbye at home should they wish. 

Chapel Fell Vets is designed to work alongside your traditional bricks and mortar veterinary practice to provide an integrative, complementary, veterinary service to your home.   

Who we are

The practice was established in 2023 and is owned and run by Dr Emma Rogers-Smith BSc(Hons), BA, VetMB CertAVP MRCVS.  Emma graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Zoology in 2011. She spent time researching intestinal parasites in horses and donkeys before undertaking her veterinary training at the University of Cambridge. Emma graduated with her veterinary degree in 2016

She has worked in both first opinion and specialist veterinary practice since graduation, focusing her additional training in the field of Internal Medicine. Emma holds a Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice and has further training in the field of Western Veterinary Acupuncture.  Emma is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists, the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and the British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association.  She also has published extensively in the field of veterinary medicine in both the scientific research community but also across the Pet Health Sector. Emma has interests in pain management, internal medicine and integrative veterinary medicine. She bases her practice foundations in Western Medicine and does advocate for conventional medicines but is undertaking a diploma in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Acupuncture to complement and expand on her knowledge. Chapel Fell Vets look to provide care for your pet considering their health and the influences of their environment in a holistic and integrative fashion, recognising that pharmacological medicines are only one part of their medical needs.     

Outside of her veterinary career Emma lives on a smallholding in the North Pennines with her husband, two children and a small menagerie of animals of her own. She also lectures to students at East Durham College. 

Working With Your Vets

Joining the Chapel Fell Vets family is not designed to replace your bricks and mortar veterinary service, who are vital for treating your pet when they are poorly or require hospitalisation. We provide a number of complementary services, both for pet parents and veterinary clinics in the local area.  In order to ensure your pet receives 5 star continuity of care, your bricks and mortar practice will receive an email documenting the care undertaken during your home visit, ensuring their records are always up to date! Whilst we don't see emergencies, rest assured we also have 24/7 365 emergency support from the fantastic team at Wear Referrals, ensuring your pet is never without a place to go if they need emergency treatment by a vet.